Daniel Tate-Potts

Daniel, who goes by the nickname of ‘T-Pot’ has always had an eye for adventure and if there’s danger involved, he’ll be there to give it a go. T-Pot’s favourite part of the act is when he proves that men can multitask, by walking the outside of his wheel whilst spinning poi.

A keen stilt walker, T-Pot provides walk about circus entertainment at various events, galas, and parades dressed as various characters such as ring master. In addition, he hosts childrens’ parties and provides circus workshops, teaching ground based activities such as juggling, diabolo, poi and unicycling.

T-Pot has also clocked up a number of miles on his favourite mode of transport - His unicycle…. He even arrived at his high school prom on it!

In December 2012, Daniel became the proud father of his first child, Alfie. Who one day may even follow in his father’s footsteps. But for now, he will keep his feet firmly on the ground (unless learning to ride his unicycle).

Last updated: Feb 2017

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