EJ Coldham

EJ was keen to follow in her brother’s footsteps ever since seeing the thrill he was having whilst performing, she made her first appearance on the Vander Wheel of Death in June 2012 – The debut of the quad wheel. She remains the only lady in the world to perform on a quad wheel of death.

When Emma-Jane isn’t being daring on the wheel, she can often be found many feet above the ground on a multitude of aerial apparatus. Aerial hoop is another passion of hers, which she enjoys training on.

Emma-Jane’s passion for circus skills, just like her brother’s, was sparked during her teen years and has opened up many opportunities to perform and teach all over the world ever since. Most notably, in 2011 when she taught a variety of aerial and ground based circus skills at ‘Frenchwoods Festival of The Performing Arts’ – a famous USA summer camp, most prestigious for its superior circus facilities.

Emma-Jane studied for 3 years at The University of Bolton, completing her degree in Animation and Illustration at the end of 2012. She is a keen graphic designer and illustrator, which she puts to good use when it comes to providing promotional materials for The Vander Wheel of Death.

Last updated: Feb 2017

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