Billy Robinson

Billy found his way onto the wheel through a close friendship with JL, growing up together they shared the same hobbies of circus skills. They met at Circus Academy and have since been the best of friends. Billy has fond memories of performing in the world famous Blackpool Tower Circus.

JL introduced Billy to the wheel by inviting him to come and train whilst he worked the circuit with Wayne. Billy got hooked and first performed on the Wheel of Death during the summer of 2013, he was a fast learner and soon became a very confident performer. In 2014 he completed a tour of Butlin camps with Wayne.

Billy was born and lives in Blackpool with his fiance Alison and their 3 beautiful children. Billy has gained practical hands on experience during his professional career as a painter/decorator, he has worked on construction sites, and currently works with a private wheelie bin cleaning/maintenance service. Billy is building his handyman skills along side building his own window cleaning business.

Billy is a family man, when he isn't working or rehearsing with the wheel he can be found at home with his family. He is a keen pool player and regularly plays for a local team and competes in tournaments.


   - UK's Most Talented 2005

Last updated: Feb 2017

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